Assuming you’ve not been living under a rock, you will have heard of the term “Eurabia”.  Now, there are some people who just can’t stand it.  The lively chaps at “rational wiki” describe it like this:

Eurabia is a conspiracy theory

Say no more.  One can’t go around believing conspiracy theories, can one?  If you start down that route, you end up believing really weird things, like, I don’t know, that Henry Kissinger and Richard Nixon conducted secret diplomacy to extend the Vietnam war, and got tens of thousands of American GIs and who knows how many Vietnamese killed, just to put Nixon in the white house, or that the CIA betrayed Nelson Mandela to the Afrikaner Police, or that the CIA itself was formed from former Nazis, hired en masse at the end of the second world war, or that JFK was sharing a bird with a mafia don and used her to help set up an assassination attempt on Castro, or that Clinton used cruise missiles to destroy the Sudan’s only medicine factory just to distract from Monika Lewinsky.

That’d be just terrible, wouldn’t it?

RationalWiki goes on:

Unlike most conspiracy theories, Eurabia can be traced to a singe source and a single author. The Jewish historian Gisèle Littman published the book Eurabia: The Euro-Arab Axis in 2005, under the name Bat Ye’or […] Proponents of the Eurabia theory rarely provide evidence.

I haven’t read Ye’or’s book on Eurabia, but I have read her extensive works on dhimmitude, the institutionalized discrimination that Islam prescribes for non-Muslims.  Her technique is simple and devastating: she first does a very learned exegesis of the fundamental texts, and then provides large chunks of the primary sources for you to read yourself.  There is little to argue with there, since it is something of a knockout way of arguing.  Taking a brief look at this book, I see that she is following a similar approach, working closely from official EEC and EU documents.

The chaps who set “rational wiki” up have apparently never learned that, “If you have to say you are…”

Okay, that’s a little cheap scene setting.  Now to the more serious business.

The basic idea behind Eurabia is as follows: through a combination of high birthrates, high immigration, and high conversion (please note that last one), peninsular Europe gaining an ever larger Muslim population, and this means that it is becoming more Islamic in its political character

Stated like that, it is an idea that is impossible to argue with it.  It is like discussing global warming – releasing gigatons of carbon into the atmosphere must necessarily have some effect.  So it is with the Eurabia theorists – there are a range of predictions, from the mild to the cataclysmic.

One has to be careful.  Paranoia about population has lead to some very unpleasant things in the past.  It is not hard to find paranoid and dangerous takes on this subject, such as this video, which has been ably dealt with elsewhere.  A much more measured study of the matter is this Pew poll which predicts the growth of Muslims to about 8% of the population of Europe in seventeen years (by 2030) and an worldwide rise to about a quarter of mankind – 2.2 billion.

This poll is often cited as a ‘refutation’ of Eurabianist thinking, but that analysis misses an important question: what is the effect of Muslim population right now?

Well, as things stand at the moment, Muslim minorities have effectively abrogated freedom of speech with regards to Islam throughout Europe, seriously eroded women’s rights, begun cleansing Jews from cities and countries, helped themselves to a de-facto veto on who Europeans may or may not vote as their representatives, and raise their own paramilitary forces.

That is what a minority have succeeded in doing.

None of that is an exaggeration:

1)  The veto on free speech.  Please try to criticize Islam publicly in any European city; you may find yourself arrested or killed.

2)  Erosion of women’s rights – well, as “Islam wiki” tells us 

Islam allows a man to have intercourse with his slave woman, whether he has a wife or wives or he is not married…Whoever regards that as haraam is a sinner who is going against the consensus of the scholars.

It should come as no surprise that the increase in Muslims in Europe has gone hand in hand with an increase in rape  (along with things like forced marriages, honour killings, FGM etc).  Now here’s the interesting thing: during a discussion about the sexual grooming gangs in Britain, Mo Ansar – who  is a genuine reformist – let drop that he was threatened with death for trying to put a stop to this and speaking about it.  Think on that.

3)  Ethnic cleansing. Just try asking the Jews of Malmo.

4)   As to the veto over whom we may or may not elect, try asking Pim Fortuyn, Ayaan Hirsi Ali or Geert Wilders.

5) Paramilitary forces – look at the sheer number of jihadists emerging from Europe these days.

Believe me, I could go on like this, and others have.

This is the situation with a 6% Muslim population.  Now, what exactly will that look like when that number climbs ever higher?

To this, a few other questions need to be asked: Is there any Muslim majority country where infidels enjoy anything like full rights?  Is there even any significant Muslim minority that goes out of its way to defend the rights of infidels (the way, say, anti-racist and anti-fascist campaigners defend the rights of minorities)?  Is there any hope that this will change significantly in the future?

Answers: No, no, and no.

In fact, it is almost eerie how closely you can link Muslims as a percentage of population with the level of violence toward non-Muslims.  Please take a moment to look at the following link.  Yes, the author has an axe to grind, but the fact that a list like that can even be put together should be worrying.

Take a look at what is going on through the House of Submission.  In 1914, Constantinople was about half Christian.  Now it has almost none.  In Turkey as a whole, the Christian population has dropped from 15% to 1% over the same period.  Look at present day Egypt, where the Copts are fleeing as fast as they can.   Or look at the Central African Republic.

This is one of the largest, most thorough cases of ethnic cleansing ever conducted – and no one seems to want to remark on it.

Can one blame Europeans for not wanting their descendants to be in that position?  As of this writing, 74% of Frenchmen think that Islam is incompatible with their country.  So do 51% of Germans, who also say that Islam does not belong in their country.  Again, can you blame them?

But it’s not just ancestral Europeans.  In my experience, infidels from India and Christian Africa are a lot more blunt when it comes to saying what they think about Islam.  Consider Ayaan Hirsi Ali or Sabatina James.  Or consider at least one American immigrant, Bruce Bawer:

The main reason I’d been glad to leave America was Protestant fundamentalism. But Europe, I eventually saw, was falling prey to an even more alarming fundamentalism whose leaders made their American Protestant counterparts look like amateurs. Falwell was an unsavory creep, but he didn’t issue fatwas. James Dobson’s parenting advice was appalling, but he wasn’t telling people to murder their daughters. American liberals had been fighting the Religious Right for decades; Western Europeans had yet to even acknowledge that they had a Religious Right. How could they ignore it? Certainly as a gay man, I couldn’t close my eyes to this grim reality. Pat Robertson just wanted to deny me marriage; the imams wanted to drop a wall on me. I wasn’t fond of the hypocritical conservative-Christian line about hating the sin and loving the sinner, but it was preferable to the forthright fundamentalist Muslim view that homosexuals merited death.”


This passage neatly illustrates that what is going on with Islam in Europe isn’t “immigration” by any normal definition of the term.  When people move to a new country to adapt to its ways of life and become part of it, that’s “immigration”.  When people move to a new country and are determined to fundamentally reshape it in their own culture, that’s called “colonization”.  For example when the largest Muslim gathering in Norway wants to see homosexuals and adulterers stoned to death.

There’s the following paper that should raise at least some eyebrows.

In terms of estimated probability of having a strong religious identity, a Muslim born in the UK and having spent there more than 30 years is comparable with a non-Muslim just arrived in the country.

Now, I happen to be pro-immigration, and I could give a lot of reasons why.  Apart from anything else, I am strongly in favour of Europe deepening its ties to India and Christian Africa (the big growth opportunity in the coming decades).  I’m not in favour of having a big question mark over the future.

This isn’t just happening in Europe.  I hear similar stories from Tanzania to Singapore.

Eurabia or Eurosiberia?

There are some paranoids who think that Europe will eventually be integrated as part of a global caliphate.  I don’t think that is possible.  The jihadis have not been able to re-establish the caliphate in the Muslim world.  However, the presence of Islam has acted as a massive power-up to native European fascist parties.  You cannot dismiss arguments against immigration as racist when it leads to some of the stories that routinely pop up

The neo-fascist writer Guillaume Faye has written about a coming cataclysm of European civil war that will end with peninsular Europe becoming unified with Russia into a vast, anti-liberal, anti-democratic Empire called “Eurosiberia” (you can google this term, but I am not putting up a link to some of those websites).  What I fear is of a Europe torn apart between native fascists on the one hand and the jihadists on the other.  There is a significant chunk, as this paper shows, of people for whom “Muslim” is simply a proxy for “immigrant”.

Now, the simple fact is that, when it comes to taking a hard line on Islam, Moscow’s your bet. Look here and here.  The European far-right – and I am saying this again, “far right” in continental Europe is the real deal – has long wanted a union with Russia for a number of reasons, and there are numerous documentaries on the training camps and weapons trades that travel from that part of the world throughout all of continental Europe.

So what we’ve got is the recipe for a civil war between two hideous factions, between Eurabia and Eurosiberia.

Something to think about.