Spaghetti alle vongole is one of my favorite pasta dishes.

The vongole in America are much bigger then the Italian ones               

 but less tender and less tasty. The recipes for making spaghetti

  alle vongole varies slightly but basic is the same. The many Italian/American

restaurant in the city all feature the famous dish.

I happen to live in a city known for its oyster production long ago.

In fact the city was once a thriving fishing village. The enchanting

Little fishing inlet still there. My city is Norwalk “the

quiet city:” as i call it. Now it is a city of about 85.000 thousand inhabitants

but it has retained the flavor of a small town. The traffic within the city is

light and manageable during peak hours. It does not have a center per se`nor

a piazza with fountains such as we see in Italy. The main street in South Norwalk

is the hub hub of the city. There friends and passerby meet for gelato Italian style

and dine in the little Italian restaurant that features a variety of real home egg

noodles. Being an avid shopper I regret

that we don’t have a big shopping center but lots little shops.

Norwalk is experiencing a marvelous reawakening of its waterfront, revitalization

of a small city that began its 350-year history in 1649. A decade or more

in the remaking, the South Norwalk neighborhood is now especially redolent of salt

air and fresh seafood, as manufacturing in the area has given way to a state-of-the-art

aquarium, a visitors’ dock, scores of restaurants, galleries, and shops

and a museum celebrating the city’s history. Norwalk is not a city

for who is looking for “ the action” but a nice city to live in.