Affettati Misti
(Cold Sliced Meats)
  • Preparation time: 5 minutes.
  • 200g prosciutto ham
  • 200g finocchiona
  • 200g soprassata (or 400g assorted salamis and cold meats)
  • 400g bread
  • A few salad leaves.

This is one of the most traditional antipasti served in Florentine restaurants. In the home, an assortiment of cold sliced meats was generally only served on important or festive occasions. Depending on the season, the meat were often served with fresh or mature pecorino, ricotta or raveggiolo cheeses, fresh raww beans or figs. Given its simplicity, it is essential that all the ingredients are fresh and of the best quality. Arrange the meats in circles on a serving dish and decorate with crisp, tangy salad leaves. Serve the bread, sliced about a centimetre thick, in a basket. The best wine to drink with these cold meats is a young and fairly light Chianti, such as that from the "Colli fiorentini".