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I feel so much sadness and homesickness looking at the linden tree, which has always watched over Settefrati. It is now severely damaged. How many memories and how many secrets must this majestic giant have heard when we sat beneath it to chat. How many times must it have seen us play briccia or cianchetta in the church square. How many times we must have fallen when we would run after each other playing liccia. Where we would sit during the long days of summer in its restorative shade to escape the heat while our grandmothers would tell us “the stories” and talk about their youth. We listened and every once in a while they would tell us that we were too free. In those days, more than fifty years ago, we were their “crazy youth”.

How many memories made, how many joys felt and how many regrets endured under your shade. When I left and went to say goodbye to the Madonna I said: “See you” to you as well, old giant. And I saw you again and I relived those grand times spent in your shade. (When I saw a friend who was reading in the peace of the afternoon with his feet propped up the little wall I said: “There is not a more peaceful place to read a book”.

Until I see you again, grand linden tree, for certainly you will be reborn to a new life.

Delia Socci Skidmore