To the Editor,


I was shocked to learn of the persecution of the Christians in the Moslem world and the ferocity by which they are oppressed even as we speak.

Iím truly shocked that this is not well known in the western world.

Yes we know that Christian do not fair well in the Moslem world

but never had I tough that their numbers had been decimated and forced

to flee from their Land.

It is as if the early days of  Christianesimo when Christians were forced to worship in the dark catacombe and given to the lions in the arenas. It is as if two thousand years never passed. The worst of course is that the rest of the world is completely unaware of this because the press and the mass media in general is more interested in criticizing the fashion of the vice presidential candidate, Sara Palin than to let the world know the horrors and suffering of people just because they choose to worship the God of their choice.  We are NOT as liberated as we think we are. What an absolute shame!

Best regards

A reader